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Step into our family-owned winery in the heart of the Lodi, CA  and experience the best of the wine country. Surrounded by our estate vineyard, Upstream Wines is recognized for its outstanding Chardonnay, Malbec, Zinfandel, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon,

Rose' Frizzante and our new dessert Zinfandel!

Upstream Wines was started to give an awareness of our natural waterways. Even in the most developed areas, natural waterways are some of the last natural habitats still present. Birds, reptiles, fish, mammalians are just a few of the species that would not exist without waterways being in their natural state. We pride ourselves in bringing awareness and respect for preservation of our natural waterways.  Owner, Craig Watts, is especially close to the rivers. After graduating college, Craig worked as a biologist on the Mokelumne River tracking Salmon and also worked the Poke River preserving fish for the Bald Eagles.  

Water plays such an important part in everyone's life. The United States has 3,500,000 miles of rivers and streams. Our guardianship begins UPSTREAM and continues as it flows into the ocean. We can all agree how precious water is and we all want to be conscientious in protecting it, as well as enjoying it. Our river's are a wonderful resource for recreation, white water rafting, kayaking, paddle board, water skiing, fishing and much more. Our water ways refresh us and renew the soul!

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